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She pointed: "This is the closest beach from here," she said. I could not hear what they said, but Giulia was frozen in place, trying not to move and control her expression, while Martina clearly began fingering her puckered anus, still sucking her.

After what seemed like an eternity the tourists finally took their keycards and left, and Giulia breathed deeply and heavily. "I can't," she hissed, still squirming from Martina's finger inside her. "We won't let go until you do," I said, slapping her pelvis in affirmation. A thin stream of pee trickled through her panties and ran down her legs.

Martina rolled over to me and helped me put some lotion on my back. I stripped the rest of my clothes off and lay down into the sand, naked and free, the warm sun and gentle breeze blowing across my body.

Martina lay her arm around me and caressed me gently, playing a little with my breasts.

We took a cab to the beach and walked barefoot through the warm sand for a while, passing loads and loads of tourists on the way.

The longer we walked, the more deserted the place and the rockier the beach became.

"So," I said to Giulia, "which is the best way to the beach? I almost laughed at the surprised expression in Giulia's face when Martina began playing with her crotch, probably opening her pants. Giulia tried her best not to show any signs of it, but she pushed her butt slightly back against my girlfriend, who in turn buried her face between her buttocks and licked her deep.

I kissed her when I arrived, tasting Guilia's juices on her mouth. I enjoyed watching her wet herself, as it stained her pants when it hit the ground."You're so beautiful," she said, and I smiled at her. "So are you." She pushed her pants off and we lay naked side by side, dark and light, red and black, our bodies shiny in the heat from sweat and lotion.I rolled over on top of her, resting my breasts against hers, feeling them press big and heavy on my chest while my pubic hair tickled against hers. Martina turned to me and smiled, then said to Bianca: "You want to join us?"All my skin needs is sun and you." I grinned back. "I know," I said, sitting back up as I began caressing her beautiful tits with my hands. Together, they played with them, pinching my nipples and squeezing them as Martina showed her everything I liked."Well, you got me all over you." She moaned, beaming for lust again. "Anything you can give me, I want you on me, over me, in me, using me, filling me, soaking me, making me yours. "Oh god, yes, goddess, use me as you please," she moaned. After a while, Bianca became more confident and leaned down, taking my nipple into her mouth and sucking it in gently.

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