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From Christmas lights to installing a new computer network, the cables often end up looking like a spaghetti dinner rather than a professional cabling installation.

This if fine at home, but not the network infrastructure that you want for your business or organization.

It compromises your company security, which is a risk no company can afford to take.

By updating your network, you’ll increase data security and staff productivity.

Think about it, if it looks like spaghetti, how effective is it going to be in transmitting all of the very important and essential information your business depends on?

How can you be sure that it's going to support your business and your team on a day to day basis and when you need it the most?

A professional cable installer will know how to trace down any problems because he designed your system the right way.

As a result, your outdated, vulnerable wireless network could be impacting your customers.

Set up a firewall for your system and run frequent security testing so you can quickly learn of any network issues.

A network upgrade could help you to consolidate multiple security technologies into one solution — one that may cut costs and increase productivity across the board.

An updated network also means you’re providing more reliable service and increasing functionality, which results in less continual IT support.

Bottom line: An outdated wireless network infrastructure can slow down not only your system, but also your company’s productivity.

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