How to block dating ads on yahoo mail

These custom categories do not appear in our Ad Interest Manager.

But if you choose to opt out of interest-based advertising via the “Across the web” tab, you will not receive any interest or search based ads for any interest category.

Interest categories are based on a “scoring” system that categorizes many of your page views, page clicks, ad views, ad clicks, searches, and communications keywords.

When a certain threshold is reached, you are eligible to receive ads that are associated with those interest categories.

Persistence means the opt-out will be refreshed each time you sign in to Yahoo, and that it will apply across multiple browsers and devices used to access Yahoo.

If you aren’t sure about whether you are logged in, you should log in again before returning to the opt-out page.

When you use Yahoo Mail, our automated systems analyze your communications to detect, among other things, certain words and phrases (we call them “keywords”) within these communications.

Ads displayed in Gmail are subject to the Gmail ads policies.

To opt-out of the use of personal information for personalized Gmail ads, go to the Ads Settings page, then turn off Ads Personalization.

Other ad networks may also serve ads on Yahoo, but these preferences do not apply to these other ad networks. Visit the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance - DAA (US), EDAA (EU), DAAC (Canada), ADAA (AU/NZ) to see your opt-out choices from other participating companies.

This opt-out is automatically persistent if you are logged in when you enable it.

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