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“Logo has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture,” said Pamela Post, SVP of original programming for Logo.

“’Finding Prince Charming’ will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do.” Reality dating shows have had long success on television, but an American series has never featured an all-gay cast.

Back in 2003, Bravo broke ground with the series “Boy Meets Boy,” though the reality show did feature both gay and heterosexual men.

The graybeard of dating shows, “The Bachelor” franchise on ABC, has received criticism for its lack of diverse casting, having largely featured white suitors and leading ladies.

Bass — best known for NSYNC — came out in 2006 with a highly publicized People magazine cover.

In April, China's censors said they wished to consign the use of time travel in television dramas to the past.She also explores dating in the era of STDs, cybersex and apps like Tinder and Grindr, among other things. I wanted to look at all these concepts about how you’re supposed to act and how you’re supposed to be in order to be desirable and see where they came from.Weigel, scheduled to appear at the Commonwealth Club on Thursday, July 21, chatted with Style. I think a lot of us take these for granted or assume there are internal truths about them.“Finding Prince Charming” is currently in production, and will premiere this fall.Moira Weigel's new book, "Labor of Love," (Farrar Straus and Giroux, 304 pages) takes readers through the history of dating, upending long-held ideas about courtship, love, sex with research that shows how changes in the workforce, education and leisure time from the 20th to the 21st century have affected the way people mate — or don't.

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