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KING: Wait a minute, we're going to make a star here tonight. But, you know, it's nice to have somebody -- KING: Have you had other publicists? KING: In the movie "Days of Wine and Roses," you're too young to even remember it, with Jack Lemmon, his future father-in-law asks him what he does for a living. And then as you gain more and more momentum, you kind of need somebody to act as a conduit to kind of help you make the right decisions and help you kind of manage your time and what will help. I just thought you were going to ask me questions about it. HANDLER: I am open about things like masturbating, because I think that it's refreshing to be able to talk about things that people tell you that you're not able to talk about. I mean there's base and then there's having a sense of humor. I mean, I do kind of, but I just like to have a really good time. Next to being a football player or something where you had a stadium, or Dane Cook, it's a pretty great feeling. Her new book is "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and of course she hosts "Chelsea Lately" on E! (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JAY LENO, COMEDIAN: Conan got screwed. If you're a nurse or a cop, you get screwed out of your pension, you're screwed out of your pension. Conan is a great guy, he's hilarious, really good guy. You know, Jay gave me my start, and he was the first show I ever did a stand up on.

I try not to cheat on my boyfriends when I have them. HANDLER: Well, I decided, first of all, he has an amazing reputation and he handles himself very well. HANDLER: And there he's on camera, he's going to love this. I just -- he's just a great guy, and I just really wanted to take it to the next level. And there begins a 10-minute scene that is impossible to explain. HANDLER: You know, it's hard because when you come into this business, you think of people who have publicists, it's like oh, that's so ridiculous, why would you need it? HANDLER: Well, I didn't expect you to read my book, Larry, I have to be honest with you. It might be considered potty humor, it is considered potty humor, but I don't really think that I'm a potty person. HANDLER: To be quite honest, I love to have people around me. I'm going to Minneapolis this weekend to the Northrop Auditorium to do two shows and it's like 4,000 or 5,000 people and to walk out and have those people screaming for you is probably the most amazing feeling. The reason show business pays a lot of money is when you get screwed, you have something left over.

KING: You told "Entertainment Weekly" a talk show host shouldn't humiliate their guest, they should let the guest humiliate themselves. Use some of that Botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin. Until you've dipped my wings in 11 herbs and spices or bleu cheese dressing and taken that needle that you used -- first of all, look at my forehead you dumb [ bleep ], OK? HANDLER: I'm a number one "New York Times" best-selling author. So when somebody like that makes a comment about me, I like to stand up for myself.

I mean, they're coming into your house, so to speak, and I think it's nice to be as, um, as pleasant as possible, and if you can help them -- or if they're -- if they're on their way to making a fool out of themselves, not to get in their way. What I said is I guess she doesn't read magazines, which makes sense, since she basically has one on her face. And then she went on to write "Chelsea, here's some free advice. The show is very, very silly, and we like to -- I like to poke fun at myself and I like to poke fun at others. So you shouldn't say anything unless you're ready to hear it back.

LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, Chelsea Handler rips on Hollywood's cheaters.

CHELSEA HANDLER, TALK SHOW HOST: You think that's funny? HANDLER: First of all, look at my forehead you dumb [ bleep ], OK? HANDLER: Somebody didn't just wake up looking this magical. What kind of woman sleeps with her boss, then breaks up with him and keeps her job?

I don't think people come forward with that information -- oh, no. Her new book "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang Bang." We have the book right here in our hands. HANDLER: It was one of the ridiculous highlights of my career. KING: Chelsea has something to say about entourages. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: In addition to everything else Chelsea is doing, she's touring with her stand-up comedy. HANDLER: You know, it's not great to get a job like "The Tonight Show" and then have to walk away from that. KATE GOSSELIN, CELEBRITY: All it was was the fact that I just wanted to see the steps. If you're on my show you're kind of presenting something, you're being funny, our if you're watching the late-night shows, it's kind of like there needs to be a joke. HANDLER: So if I could sit down with Kate Gosselin and actually have a heart to heart with her, that would be kind of interesting, if I had nothing better going on that day. KING: Do you ever go do you have a goal beyond "Chelsea Lately"? I don't really know much about sports, but I would like to be able to talk about it.

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I mean, if you're 41, you're going to behave that way, somebody, you know, that you trust and love cheats on you. He's my CPA also so he's just coming here to slap me on the wrists. You say some are delusional, your publicist, Stephen Huvane, how did you decide that he's your publicist? KING: But isn't there nothing like standing on a stage by yourself making them laugh? HANDLER: Being on the stage as much as a lot of people love that alone feeling, it's great to walk out to a crowd. It's like missing the forest for the trees or whatever that saying is.

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