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The scammers use Western Union a lot and they use false identities to collect their ill gotten monies.These false identities are good enough to fool them, so that says a lot.Good luck if you are contacted by this person, she is good and she had me send the money to a Jesse Isabell and he lives in Boulder Colorado and works for Frontier Airlines the reason I mention his name is because that is to whom she had me send the money to.Hi Flora, You are probably right that you are not in contact with the 'real' John Kudalor!!On that subject of scamming, there have been very few cases of scammers being apprehended by anyone and the few that I know of that were caught were the subject of 'sting operations', whereby the persons setting the trap set up meetings with the scammers in a Hotel, but it was an expensive operation.Few people would do this unless there was a lot of money involved and I just wonder was it worth the risk.If you do you will be sorry, Regards, I met a man named John on a chat site. I don't want to believe it but I am beginning to have my doubts. her number somes thru as 1 2 she say's she is 36 and I met her on she too is a scammer, luckily I had only sent 30.00 dollars U. if anyone else has been contacted by this person please let me know at [email protected] is also on hangouts as nice.margaret1 she has sent many pics and the only info I can find with that name is an ex-employee of The Golden Tulip Hotel in administration.We talked for a long time and I fell for him hook line and sinker. Then he went to Accra Ghana and was probably scammed by business associates, lost his phone and money. He was detained at the airport and jailed until an acquaintance came to his rescue. He is asking everyone he can think of for help but to no avail. when you check the phone number on Facebook it comes up as an advertisement for fraudulent phone cards.

I have no ties with Wymoo and do not promote them but I do know from personal experience that they are genuine and have Investigative Agents all over the world.

It's very hard to trace them as they use false names false identities etc.

and at times it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I know of other cases where people were kidnapped and robbed when they were naive enough to go to Ghana to meet these scammers.

They thought that they were either going to meet their 'online sweetheart' or thought that they were going to collect Gold.

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