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Norma Jean's began issuing paychecks to dancers after several lawsuits were brought against the club since 2013.

In one case, brought by Tanae Taylor, which was settled last November, the club paid ,000 to Taylor plus additional legal fees, according to court records.

Under Maryland law, tipped employees can receive .63 an hour, less than the minimum wage of .75 for jobs where employees receive no tips.

Greenberg's most recent case was brought by Stephanie Gamble, who went by the name of "Lady Luck" as a dancer and bartender at Chez Joey, club on The Block in Baltimore.

She said she stopped dancing because business at the clubs has slowed and she wasn't making any money.

She pointed to clubs on The Block where she previously worked and said they still do not pay dancers an hourly wage."They are not even paying us. They're really not looking out for us," said Hudnell, 22. If you don't have dancers, you don't have a strip club," she said.

He would not disclose the amount, and Gamble could not be reached for comment. The club has been paying its dancers the minimum tip wages since it lost a lawsuit filed by dancers about four years ago.

Greenberg also represented six women who sued two adult clubs in Prince George's County in federal court in 2012, alleging that the clubs did not pay them the minimum wage required by the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage laws. Peter Ireland, whose wife is the owner of Norma Jean's, is pictured at the strip club on the Block.

Greenberg, a Silver Spring attorney who has represented nearly 60 dancers in lawsuits against clubs across the state.

Her suit also alleged that she could be charged for gaining weight."There's plenty nights where you have to pay to work that night," said Tabor, who said she began stripping when she was 17 but has since stopped."Really, we were the ones making them money," she said.

Her case against Scores was dismissed by a judge, who cited a three-year statute of limitations. Alley would not say whether Scores pays hourly wages to dancers now.

Jeanean Lawson, manager at Norma Jean's, said the Baltimore club used to write all of its payroll checks by hand because it did not have many employees.

But after adding about 80 dancers, the club switched to a payroll company to handle the task, she said."It's very different. It's an expense we didn't have to pay," Lawson said.

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